Emergence Artist Statement

Emergence Series

The theme “Emergence” in my work is about the life process of becoming composite individuals through life experiences and struggles evidenced by a metamorphous of a newer, more defined self, visually emerging out of chaos into a unique interconnected hybrid form. This continual process redefines and clarifies our perspective and inner conceptualization about the self in the world.

This series of work is based on plant and biological forms placed within the process of struggling with chaos and change that occur in nature and life. It is the unexpected, challenging the known that create a new hybrid individual. This interconnection refers to life; complete with complexities and turbulence playing its part in the journey is the growth process with constant confrontation of uncertainty and impermanence. The struggle is to live with the heart as the guide, staying in the present moment, not trapped by the past or the expectations of the future.

The media in this series consists of industrial film, watercolor paper, and gampi tissue allowing me to explore the layering of images, color, blending, and transparency. The surfaces interact with the variables associated with inks, watercolors, wax, and graphite. These variables occasionally respond unpredictably adding that element of life and chaos helping with the interpretation of the theme.

My creative approach and composition is not predetermined. I engage in the process of responding to each mark and how they interconnect whether in entropy or unison creating a dialogue and narrative with each image as I weave together the forms and elements, surprised by what characteristics emerge out of each artwork through these interactions.